If you've read through some of our other guides and resources, you may get the picture that ABA therapy is a prominent theme for us. I think we could safely say that it has the biggest impact to the progress we see in our son.  It's not even that complex of a concept. Identify and reward correct behavior. But ohhhh how much tougher it is practice than it is to write or talk about.

There are just so many pitfalls that are out there and we don't even realize how often we fall in. While there are resources out there for you to learn about and train yourself, we highly recommend getting a professional.  Especially at the onset.  You want that professional assessment for your child to understand what is reasonable, reachable, and needed. And this isn't just about your child, it's about relearning how you (and your family) interact consistently in positive ways.

It's hard, it's uncomfortable, it's time consuming. But were talking about your son, your daughter, your grandchild and if you have a chance to improve their prospects in life... you find a way to make it happen.

We started on the ABA journey when our son was 6 years old. Like many of kids on the Autism Spectrum he has a horrible time with transitions. Going from eating breakfast to school work - OUTBURST. Going from TV watching to brushing teeth - OUTBURST.  And like many other Autistic kids, an outburst is not a crying, pouting, fit. No, we are talking physical hitting of others and himself. Uncontrollable emotions. Just not a pretty picture.

Fast forward 2 years and now when he has to go to bed, he relinquishes his Ipad (one of his favorite activities in the world) gently and with little fuss. No meltdown. No screaming. No tears. No harm. Thank you ABA.

Like we mentioned, you really should try to get a licensed therapist as soon as possible but we know sometimes that is a long wait or financial limitations make this tough. Below are some resource links for ABA therapy ideas that can start you down the path. Make sure if you are looking (i.e. googling ABA) that you pull data from reputable sources.

  • A list of ABA therapy providers in Washington State

  • ABA resource if you have Apple healthcare for your child

  • Book list for ABA information. These are the clinical books that you can learn from if you want the technical side of this subject.

  • YouTube videos of ABA therapy training

  • ABA strategy, tips, and resource links

  • Ways to tell if ABA Therapy is harmful -

  • (We wanted to put this link in here to show that ABA therapy is not a cure for Autism or a way to make your kid fit in. It is processes for gaining skills and changing behaviors that would otherwise harm your child or others.)

  • Parent tip sheet for working with child using ABA techniques