Mom's first post..... Starting conversations......

Of course I wanted to start this on Friday but with a sick boy it didn't happen. 😊The good news is he feels better and so do the rest of us. We still did school on Friday just no hard physical Ed. The best part of learning on Friday had to be science. Our champ has SPD and ASD so all of our science is lab based to get sensory time in there with some written work. We have been doing solids, liquids, and gas, Friday we did things that dissolve in liquid. He loved touching the sugar and salt we used in the project besides the popcorn kernals. The idea is to learn, have touch, maybe taste and also have some discussion. Now champ is considered low functioning autistic with minimal speech but when he is wanting something he wants to tell you so this is the perfect class time for us to try to have conversations and he did!!!!!! I asked where did it go? (When it dissolved) and he would look at me and I would shrug and he would respond with "I don't know" now his answer is lead with my body cue but after the third time I don't have to give cues he would just ask and I would give him praise for answering my questions with high fives and fist bump then lead off with let's find out! The we would do it again and I would explain it melted (dissolved). The more we do this the more he responds without any cues!!! He just needs to be motivated and shown how to respond.😊 

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