Realism child and imagination

So my little guy does not use his imagination and really does not do pretend but i try to make things fun and try and give him an opportunity to see outside the box of being just a little human boy I put pretend ears on him and I have him look in the mirror and I say "you look like a polar bear" with his white ears and white sweater then I'd say to him "what does the polar bear say?" he would "growl" now the imagination for him does not happen after that but the idea is he sees himself look like a polar bear and walk like a polar bear maybe it will open a opportunity for him to animal role play more. Don't think because your child has a label that says "limited" on "no imagination" that there is no chance to share this kind of play just think realism but in a role play way.....they may surprise you one day on their own.... 

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