Back to routine or at least trying!!!!!!

Now that the Christmas time is over and the kids have gone back to school/or schooling and hopefully you have won the Battle of getting them back to the routine, for us we homeschool but we did a  Christmas break so we could enjoy time with God, our family and friends but this time it was a little different. Our little champ was excited to go back to the routine! He had a good time enjoying watching movies and not having to do written work or math but when I sat down with him to read he seemed rather excited to go back to the task at hand now a year ago that would not have been a true statement so I can say (with experience now) it gets easier! so for those of you who battling the "going back to school" starting out the day with a success for them or doing the routine with reliable "positive" input even though it is work will pay off. The transition to go back was easy compared to before.

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