How to help with recall and building conversation together.

So if your child is like our child there is a lot of echoing and/or repeating what I say with some ability to convey the things that he wants like: movie, food, bath, toy, swim, Etc. but there's also limited recall about our day we spend a lot of time setting him up to know what's coming next but when we sit down for dinner we like to help him go over his day so to do that I take a picture of him at every event that we do throughout the day and put it into PowerPoint as just black and white pictures (you could also use social stories available in PECS form to do this) and print them out in the evening to sit down at dinner and discuss and say to him "what did you do today?" and point at the pictures and he will say "eat breakfast" "learned" "went to library" "went swimming" "went to speech" "went to Costco". The more we do this the more he is able to answer the question "what did you do today?" or "what do you remember about today?" or "what did you like best about today?" and he can point at the pictures and say yes or no we can talk about the events that happened at each of those events like: "what did we get at Costco?" also this so far has helped bring his ability for recall a little closer to happening without the pictures! and also helps with his ability to learn to have a conversation with others! Hope this helps any of you experiencing the same problems we are having with the ability for recall. 

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