Tell me your story, I will listen, tell me your needs, I will try to direct you, tell me your suppor

I have been thinking recently about all the different topics to try and help parents and caregivers of autistic children, everything from water safety to stranger danger to effective Living skills teaching. I have been seriously touched in my heart by God to ask the question "what do you need?" "do you need more resources?" "do you need more support?" "what do you want to learn about?" I only ask because I know there is a wide amount of information out there and sometimes in small doses and sometimes it is hard to find and it is sometimes hard to find which is effective. I want to help. I want you to succeed I want your child to succeed. As a parent of a autistic boy I understand the struggles, for my son is a low-functioning autistic child which means his communication is lacking but not his heart it means his focus doesn't always seem to be there but his ears are listening it means I need to teach in a way that is most helpful for him it means the resources I look for are about the issues concerning him now and eventually later but I want to help others who might have different needs or expectations to find the resources, education, or support that you need. Please share with me those needs, those questions, those details and I will do my best to find a support for you. It takes a village. 


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