Looking for outside information about the Son-rise program for ASD.

Good morning I am looking for socials Medias help in finding out if this program works well for low-functioning autistic children. I have done the ABA therapy training and I have found this works absolutely wonderful for our son in behavioral and learning, but I am looking for strategies in social and communicative therapies for him. we are investigating the use of music therapy next week. We also use speech therapy every week with a therapist to help with this, he also suffers from echolatia and apraxia which makes it very hard for him to communicate well, he does use some limited sign language but did not response successfully to learning sign language or to a AAC device, we have used pecs and he has moved past the simple communication because he can mand many things but trying to get him to speak fluidly in a corresponding way and listening is a hard skill to teach. We use the Gemini program for visual promts identifying and articulation but once again he has moved past the need to for identifying, he needs more conversation building skills I do one on one with him and hand write questions for him to ask me and I respond to him and I ask him questions with the answer written down for him to respond correctly to my questions. With high reward for a each successful transaction. I've also use puppets to ask him questions and ask me questions too and respond.

This is the program I am interested in learning but would like more outside information about low functioning ASD in this program. 


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