Real struggles.

It is hard to be a parent any mom dad grandparent, caregiver will tell you that. When you add on a disability you have just impacted that statement 10 times more. But with every multiplication of difficulty is the multiplication of love, perseverance, and gratitude. You should have for yourself and the people who help in your child's life a all inspiring amount of love. It is hard when the reality sets in that for the rest of your child's life they will be child-like in some way. That can hurt. You feel helpless, you feel out of control, you feel that it will never end, you also worry that when you do end who will pick up your heart and place it in someone else to lead your child. There are many things you can do to control these outcomes with the people you surround your life with, the will that you leave behind negotiating thier care. Here's a link for guardianship information: 

For us we have found even more comfort in our Christian faith. Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”Matthew 19:14

Does this alleviate all my child's problems? Or my own? not even close, it doesn't take autism away it doesn't make it less emotional but it does give me a calmness I can't describe. I never feel alone in my battle. You shouldn't either. This battle is not just yours, not just your child's, not just your family, not just this moment. There are groups that can help you not feel alone, the link below is a great resource in finding a group near you this is where I found one.

You are bigger than this and so is your child. Autism is just one aspect, yes that aspect is a huge part in behavior, communication and personality traits but it's not the definition of your child. Find one thing daily that makes your heart glow in your life and in your child. And hold onto it tightly amongst the frustrations. Then remember to take five deep breaths. The link below takes you to some other calming techniques that can help.

You are powerful and strong but the energy you have is only body sized. Make sure you fuel up everyday before the day starts with your child. In a book, listening to music, in prayer, a shower, give yourself some me time and also some healthy food!! The link below has quick fuel filling ideas

Most of all what you do daily with your child and your family is one of the most important things you will be doing in life. So do it well and get a great supporters. From our family to yours you are loved and prayed for.


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